Vendor Managed Inventory

Bent Tubes Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) delivers bent tubing direct to your line. It's the best way to increase efficiency and decrease tube bending costs.

Bent Tubes' VMI can improve bent tubing inventory turns; reduce repetitive tasks like planning, ordering and expediting bent tubing; and reduce average bent tubing inventory costs, engineering change costs and solid waste disposal costs.

Bent Tubes' VMI can eliminate incoming bent tubing inspection and associated costs, backorders, inefficiency and material handling costs.

How Bent Tubes' VMI can help you:

-Set up Lean logistics to bring bent tubing product to your warehouse
-Identify, manage all bent tubing inventories to meet your requirements
-Maximize productivity in your plant
-Decrease administrative and procurement work related to bending tube
-Reduce inventory of bent tubing
-Eliminate bent tubing product stock outs

Bent Tubes' VMI Features:

-Deliveries of bent tubing weekly or bi-weekly
-Deliveries of bent tubing to point of use (in multiple locations)
-Min/Max or kanban refill levels based on usage of bent tubing
-Barcodes on all bent tubing parts referencing customer part number, our item number, quantity levels and locations
-Bin Health reports
-Invoicing weekly or monthly for bent tubing orders
-All components of bent tubing products supplied by Bent Tubes, Value Added Distributors and Transmotion

As a Lean practicing bent tubing company, Bent Tubes offers kanban delivery to refill bent tubing inventory levels based on usage. Kanban eliminates the need for POs for bent tubing; just fill out a kanban card instead.

VMI serves Bent Tubes and our sister companies, Value Added Distributors and Transmotion, providing full-service hydraulic service. For more information on VMI, contact Tammy Vanpembrook.