Tube Standards

Bent Tubes Tube Bending Quality Standards

Our tube bending quality processes are designed to make Bent Tubes a leader in the metal tube forming industry. No bent tubing quality standard is too high. Bent Tubes can meet quality standards you require.

Tube fabrication quality control can make or break your project. Bent Tubes inspects our bent tubing materials and measures your finished bent tubes before shipping to make sure they meet your specs. Bent Tubes provides whatever documentation you need to ensure tube bending quality compliance.

Bent Tubes Cleanliness Standards

Bent Tubes has our own cleanliness measuring equipment, unlike most of our competition. We can support any tube bending cleanliness requirements you have, and we'll provide documentation to verify it.

Each hydraulic tube is cleaned after cutting and deburring by shooting a sponge-like plug through the tube to remove unwanted contamination. Assembly ends of all bent tubes are protected from contamination and damage by having plastic caps or plugs applied.