Bent Tubes - Tube Bending Products

Bent Tubes can bend round tubing up to 3" OD and square tubing up to 2.25" OP, depending on material, tube bend angle and tube bend radius. Learn more about our tube bending machines.

Hydraulic (fluid) bent tubes

Specializing in fluid power assemblies with 37 degree flare and O-ring face seal formed ends
Capable of producing "multiple-bend" bent tubing

Structural (hard pipe) bent tubes

Able to bend many different styles of bent tubing for handles and support tubing
Capable of bending square tubing

Bent Tubes - Tube Bending Services

Bent Tubes understands you face tight production deadlines. To expedite your tube bending, Bent Tubes offers on-site technical help, estimates, measurements, design and fit-up of bent tubing.

We provide quick response time and fast turnaround on all bent tubing orders and 24/7 online access via eCLient. eClient shows in-progress tube bending order, past bent tube orders and more. To expedite your tube bending order, Bent Tubes offers VMI and kanban delivery.

Prototyping - Bent Tubes works with your engineers to gather bent tubing product information, tube bend specifications, bent tube samples and performance data for your tube bending project. We also provide personnel to help install new bent tube assemblies on your prototype machines.

Custom Kitting Solutions - Bent Tubes is partnered with Value Added Distributors and Transmotion to create custom bent tube kitting solutions that include all tubes and hoses needed for a project. Our custom kitting solutions can have one part number for easy and convenient reordering.

Bent Tubes Shipping - Bent Tubes serves tubing customers all over the United States. We meet your bent tubing needs by shipping our custom bent tubes directly to your manufacturing facilities. We keep tube bending shipping costs as low as possible; we pass along the shipping savings to our bent tubing customers.